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Bore Surf Senter



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No waves, no problem! At Bore Surf Senter we have a 30m long skimboard pool so you can shred the water everyday.

Skimboarding is a safe and easy way to slide on water. You can learn tricks, and improve your balance while having a ton of fun.

You can get access either for one hour or the whole day, and take a skimboard lesson bundle if you want. And of course, you can bundle it with any of hours offering like sauna, surf, surfskating etc.

The course is suitable for everyone, even if you have no experience with board sports. We will make sure to adapt the course to your skill level and guide you through all stages.

Doesn't matter your age or physical condition, if you can run 10m you can skimboard.

Checklist for those who are going on a course:

☀️ Sunscreen

🩳 Bathing suit

💧 Water bottle

😊 Good vibes

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