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Mini Grom 26” Hammerhead THD

Mini Grom 26” Hammerhead THD

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Specifically designed for children between 3 to 8 years of age, the 26” Mini Grom model is the ideal way for parents to introduce surfing to their kids in a fun, controlled and onland environment. It is the entry level surf tool for young children's surfing development.

Why choose this model?

By using the SmoothStar Mini Grom, children will improve their balance, stance, body movement, and learn the basic principles of turning on a surfboard while having fun. 

Turning Mechanism SmoothStar Mini Thruster

Deck Length 26”

Deck Thickness 5 ply Stratified American Beech, 2 ply Canadian Maple

Deck Width 21cm

Wheels Extra Small on front & back

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