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Mick Fanning

MF X DHD Black Diamond

MF X DHD Black Diamond

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Designed with a pulled in tail to assist keeping you in the pocket
and draw out turns. The widest point is more forward, increasing volume in the nose area and dropping the entry rocker slightly,
the Black Diamond paddles extremely well and is fast off the front foot.

6'4 44L

6'10 47L


Rocker: Med

Fins: FCSII- Thruster

Bottom Contures: Single to double

Outline: Round tail

Construction: Bamboo stringer



MF softboards bamboo stringer technology utilizes an eps core that is CNC milled with a 5mm bamboo stringer. Bamboo has a fiber structure that is lightweight and strong and provides a similar flex pattern to your standard high-performance hardboard. 

The eps core is laminated with layers of high-grade e-cloth and epoxy resin forming a strong internal shell. The exterior of MF softboards has a 5mm iXPE deck skin and HDPE bottom skin creating a true soft surface! 

MF softboards utilize an industry-first fin plug installation enhancing performance when you upgrade your soft fins for genuine FCSII or Futures compatible hard fins. 

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