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Course information:

With our surfskate course you'll learn and practice skills and technique to prepare for real waves! The course lasts for 1 hour and we provide all the equipment (Helmet and Smoothstar surfskate). 

Surfskating is great to improve stability, balance and body posture that you can after apply to a surfboard. And it's fun, very fun!

The course is suited for everyone, even if you have never skated before. We will make sure to adapt the course to your skill level and guide you through all stages, from skating on a flat surface to rip on the best (and probably only!) wave ramp in Norway. 

Doesn't matter your age or physical condition, if you can walk you can surfskate and look good doing it!

After the course you can keep practicing or just chill on our sauna or open-air cafe. You may even decide to try your new skills on a surfboard! 


Checklist for those who are going on a course: 

☀️ Sunscreen

💧 Water bottle

😊 Good vibes

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